geist.xyz is a different kind of fashion project: what looks at first glance as an eccentric tangle of simulated dance and a color coordinated tumblr exploration turns out to be a study of handcrafted algorithmic textiles and procedural surfaces.

A synthetic ghost shifts simulated textiles from passive matter to live organisms. They behave like apparitions in an artificial choreography, with movements that are imaginary yet familiar. Like a constant metamorphosis, the same sequence gets transformed over and over again. At each step, all aspects of the designs are modified, from algorithmic pattern to color scheme to fabric behaviour. The results are meandering layers of style changes.
A linear montage shows the intricate details. Shuffled layers of metronomic sounds emphasize the transformation fluctuating in and out of sync.

The grid of moving images on geist.xyz visualizes our conceptual approach and color scheme.

Outtakes on instagram.com/zeitguised

4k UHD
2.30 min
Agency: - / independent project

All conceptual, design and production work: ZEITGUISED.
Henrik Mauler Director
Jamie Raap Art Director
Helge Kiehl 3D Artist
Chris Hoffmann 3D Artist
Marian Pramberger 3D Artist
Alessandra Ruiz-Zorilla 3D Artist
Sound track: "geist.xyz" by Superimposed Void (http://bit.ly/svgeist)
poetry with Daniel Hundsdörfer

A Ghost in the shell,
>dancing the procedural revolution<.

Algo vs rhythm =
0% organic /
100% processed *
(*Olive, Rose, Mauve and Electric Blue).

Serving suggestions:
Grid wrangling like a pharmacist /
Authentic apparition sequence;

Fake hacks realism,
Small wonders:
Sympathy demons / Uncertainty artefacts

: Synthetic ecstatic aesthetic means
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Station NSFW.

Incrementally yours,

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