Archeology of prosthetics for speculative biomachines

YTs is a generative shape exploration project that tackles the topic "machine invented", algorithmic form versus human design. The process was based on "database modeling", in which we made a database of technical 3d objects and primitives.A python script randomly paired these, and intersected them with each other at variable scales and angles. This was one of ZEITGUISEDs first generative art processes that is a dedicated algorithm to create unlimited variation and unforeseen designs, yet within a premeditated design language. It is also a virtual prosthetic for physical space.

The process is an intertwined mix between a synthetic machine shape vision and human design thinking. The algorithm creates approximately one shape per second. Some are selected from the infinite process and 3d printed as physical objects. The shapes appear to have recognisable features, yet their silhouette varies drastically from different viewing angles. Due to their complexity, they appear as different objects from different sides.

Python coding: Lukas Latz


Limited Edition of 8 unique 3D prints
Technique: Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
Size: ca 12 - 36 cm in diameter

SHOW: TEKKO 04 (Safety In Numbers)

Exhibition view at CC Room, Berlin
October 2005