Derived from the tale of Rumpelstiltskin spinning gold from straw, the RUMPELGRAPH is an autonomous virtual vandal for art on the blockchain. It attempts to artistically interpret a snapshot of the current NFT zeitgeist on twitter, from its own subjective algorithm perspective.

The RUMPELGRAPH is an obsessive compulsive machine personality, present through a twitter account. It turns any given NFT artwork on the Tezos Blockchain posted on twitter into a neurotic minimalist architecture folly. Its roots are in vandalism, graffiti, and generative art. It is foremost a neurotic equalizer, smoothing the striated space of NFT art aesthetics.

The RUMPELGRAPH waits in a dormant state until it is activated, either when prompted or at its own discretion. When active, it listens on Twitter for newly minted artwork. It takes the latest artwork it finds, performs a visual analysis, and attempts to interpret the original visual as a unique dynamic graffiti tag, in the form of a spatial structure that could be described as an architecture folly. It then creates a title by analyzing the currently trending english nouns on twitter and synthesizing them into a suitable sample mashup. RUMPELGRAPH then mints the animated objekt on tezos/teia and tweets about it, responding to the original artwork so that both can be seen together side by side, and bought separately.
After a successful public test run of the first series in fall 2021, during which all 99 single edition NFTs sold out, the RUMPELGRAPH will continue to be updated, for each iteration to show a new style variation and to refine the presentation of the resulting artworks and how they can be accessed, bought and traded.

The intervals when Rumpelgraph will be live are being announced on our Discord channel.

All conceptual and design work: ZEITGUISED with Julius Steinhauser (@idealflaw)
Creative coding: Julius Steinhauser (@idealflaw).

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