Peripetics (or “The Installation of an Irreversible Axis on a Dynamic Timeline”) is a piece in six vignettes that show speculative states of a system after taking catastrophic turns. The states of the system depend on each other, yet causality is upended as the different prosthetics appear in a nonlinear order: a plant-body-machine expressed as an oversized educational model; a liquid plaster turbulence forming an inverted stairspace; a twisted edwardian witch house; a live photon pressure musical instrument; pill popping safety airbags and a supersonic induction of heart palpitations.

The installations feature appropriated and remixed styles by Rachel Whiteread, Gordon Matta-Clark and Inka Essenhigh.

The setting is that of a hypothetical contemporary art gallery. Conceived as a prosthetic for ZEITGUISED to exhibit virtually in a cultural environment oblivious to digital art forms, the work is pushing questions about the value of representational imagery in times of ready made photo simulation techniques and that of physical space with  an art market exhibition practise creating endless global fomo and desire by circulating virtual images rather than material objects themselves.

It openly adresses the nature of generative, virtual art being able to display dynamic processes and nonlinear temporal progressions within one sensorically dense experience. 

Shown in the Museum of Modern Art Barcelona in 2011.

Best Experimental Work
Ottawa International Animation Festival 2009