I understand that not all fans and collectors are ready to engage in NFTs or are having trouble obtaining crypto currency. Also, manye collectors want the optioin to view the original artwork on their dedicated screens or print the high resolution artworks in large formats with fine detail. Both is possible if you purchase the art directly from me.

If you don’t have ETH, I am happy to sell my digital artworks and I will send the NFTs into your wallet directly. If you don’t have a wallet I’ll guide you through the process or hold any purchased NFTs for you in a dedicated secure wallet.

You can pay via PayPal, CreditCard or ApplePay.

Upon your custom you can download the digital goods (Printable Still, Film) directly, and I will transfer the NFT manually to you, or the secure holding wallet. All you need to do is sending me your public wallet address and I will send the NFT there directly (I’ll pay the fees). It will be coming from zeitguised.eth directly, so you know it is me who holds the wallet. You can always resell the NFT to anyone and on any marketplace.

At the end of the online bying process you will be prompted for your email and physical address, if you want the signed certificate of the transaction to be mailed to you.

Preferrably, let us be in contact directly so you know it is me and not some scammer. It is also more fun that way, and we get to know each other.

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