Zeitguised’s interpretation of „The Zoo“ (Funkstörung) is a lighthearted piece that affirmates the facility of synthetic constructions against the heavy, serious notion of established constructions, including CG’s own means of photorealism.
It visualizes the track’s intricate layers of sounds by merging the flicker stop motion cutting style of Alex Rutterford’s ‘Gantz Graf’ (Autechre) with photoreal rendering, glowing surfaces and boolean geometries.

Familiarly dull and generic, the environment of unappreciated places offers a perfect backdrop for a zoo of ideas, artifacts and machines. They inhibit a technologically more and more explicit world, where human transport seems to be the least objective for them. Instead, they are part of an ever evolving stream of becoming, of development, accident, recombination and distorted proliferation. Their busy self-perpetuation creates gentle monstrocities and monstrous poetry.

It shows that the merging nano-, bio-, and information technologies have rendered the concept of human authenticity and originality obsolete, that artificial materials create their own artifacts and their future shape.

Presented as part of Funkstoerungs seminal “Isolated” triple media DVD.

Best use of CG, Next Festival 2005, Vilnius, Lithuania
Best Music Video 2005, Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany
Featured in dotmov 04 and onedotzero 05.

The Zoo
PAL SD 576p
Music: “The Zoo” by Funkstörung