ZEITGUISED is a digital art practice spanning its own genre defying work space between virtual and physical, abstract and figurative, generative and manufactured, highbrow and low-fi.

ZEITGUISEDs focus on virtual prosthetics is corrupting the tropes of vandalism with digital means.

In an International Art English shorthand, the work of ZEITGUISED erases the distinction between synthetic authenticism and authentic syntheticism in one algorithm aided gesture.

ZEITGUISED is the brainchild of Henrik Mauler. Pairing digital abstractions with photorealistic depictions via spatial installations in The Zoo (2004) and Peripetics (2008), ZEITGUISED is widely considered to have started a genre that is now dominating the realms of Instagram and NFT art alike. geist.xyz (2016) is the first natively virtual textile design project and has been acquired by the V&A into their permanent digital collection. It also created a much hyped wave of “dancing textiles” on social media and the NFT world.

Selected Press
TheFoundSpace 2022 - Creative Review 2021 - Damn 2019 - Yuz Talk 2019 - LS:N Global 2019 - Meisterrat 2019 - Joja 2019 - LVL3 2018 - Strrr.tv 2018 - FranklinTill 2017 - Der Spiegel 2017 - Shift 2016 - PostMatter 2016 - WeHeart 2016 - Ignant 2016 - It’sNiceThat 2016 - Differenz Magazin 2015 - Der Spiegel 2014 - Huffington Post 2012 - Wired 2010 - Ventilate 2009

Please get in contact via email, on insta or twitter. NFT related information you will find on our Discord.

For commercial collaborations, visit our creative service labels ZEITGUISED.STUDIO and FYI Henriksson.